YGBC Staff

  • Pastor Dustin Godshall

    Family: I am blessed to be married to Kelly, my wonderful wife of 14 years, and we have three amazing children: Ethan, Ava, and Aubryn.

    Background: I grew up in Martinsburg, PA; a town with more cows than people. I attended Grace College and earned a BS in Youth Ministries and Biblical Studies. I currently live in Mount Wolf, PA.

    Hobbies: Motorcycling. Chasing whitetails. But not at the same time.

    Favorite food: You can never go wrong with a good Mexican meal that comes with free chips and salsa.

    Email: dustin@ygbc.net

  • pastor bj boosz

    Family: My wife Brittney and I have been married since 2013 and we have 2 awesome kids: Brock and Bria.

    Background: I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio and moved to PA in December of 2019. I attended Lancaster Bible College and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Student Ministry and a Masters degree in Leadership Studies. My passion is for students and seeing all of God's people take their next step in their faith journey..

    Hobbies: Playing with my Kids, Playing sports, Hunting, Building stuff, and lighting things on fire..

    Favorite food: Whatever my wife makes is my favorite ;)

    Email: brandon.boosz@gmail.com

  • Stephanie Lepore- Gracekids coordinator

    Family:  I am a mom to four growing kids: Elijah, Ezra, and twins Ezekiel and Elizabeth. 

    Background:  I was born and raised in sunny, St. Petersburg, Florida. It was there right in my own hometown that I developed a love for working with children in my local church. I had the privilege of attending the Children's Ministry Institute in 2005 and then worked in full-time children's ministry until I got married and moved here to York! (The things you do for love!) I recently finished my degree through the Moody Bible Institute and have been on staff at YGBC since 2016. I love seeing children learn about the God who is crazy about them and helping parents become their child's spiritual hero! 

    Hobbies:  I love shopping, drinking coffee, playing with Legos with my boys, and going to the beach.

    Favorite Food:  Dark Chocolate. Coffee. Queso.

    Email:  steph.lepore@gmail.com

  • Ginny Knepper- Administrative Assistant

    Family: I am married to Dale and we have one daughter, Karis, who recently graduated with a BA in Industrial Design from Cedarville University. Dale and I were married in 1982, and we lived in Winona Lake, Indiana, and Telford, PA, for a few years before moving back to York where we currently reside. We also spent a year in the Central African Republic.

    Background: I was born in Virginia but spent most of my life in the mid-West and Pennsylvania. My father was a Grace Brethren pastor and we spent time in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I graduated from Grace College (our Fellowship school) with a BA in Sociology. Most of my work experience has been with Christian ministries or churches, assisting in various administrative ways. For a short time I was also a legal secretary and a bank teller. I also do some substitute school teaching in the public schools. This is a great community connection. 

    Hobbies: reading, playing piano, hanging out with my husband, catching up on people's lives by Facebook ;-)

    Favorite Food: Chicken dishes and cookies. I also love green beans and broccoli.

    Email: info@ygbc.net

  • Hannah Arnold- Connections Coordinator

    Family: Nate and I have been married since 2014 and God has graciously given us a son and a daughter- Everett and Winona.

    Background: I was born and raised in York and grew up here at YGBC. I went to Grace College and that is where I met my husband and earned a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. Currently, I am a stay at home mommy. 

    Hobbies: Spending time with my husband and kiddos and our large extended family. Being outside and going on walks. Going to Target. 

    Favorite Foods: Peanut butter. Chic-Fil-A!! Sandwiches. 

    Email: connectwithYGBC@gmail.com