YGBC Ministry Leaders

Pastor: Dustin Godshall

            Email: dustin@ygbc.net

Administrative Assistant:  Ginny Knepper

            Email: info@ygbc.net

Connections Coordinator: Sarah Heckert

            Email: connectwithygbc@gmail.com

GraceKids Director:  Stephanie Lepore

            Email: steph.lepore@gmail.com

Elementary and Intermediate Coach: Nicole Scripko


Preschool Coach:  Kelly Godshall

            Email: kelynn24@hotmail.com

Grace Student Ministries: Dave and Sue Knepper

            Email: knepperdave@comcast.net

            Email: sueknepper6@gmail.com

Camp Conquest: Amy Dutton


Worship Team:  Micah and Sarah Heckert, Mike and Deb Williams

            Email: micah.heckert@gmail.com

            Email: michael.j.williams@comcast.net

Hospitality Team: Glen and Cheryl Wiggins


LifeApp: Dustin Godshall

            Email: dustin@ygbc.net

Missions: Lee Knepper

            Email: leebren2@verizon.net

Trunk or Treat/Easter Egg Hunt: Jill Buracker

            Email: jillburacker2@gmail.com

Released Time: Ginny Knepper, Ruth Horn

            Email: ginnyknepper@gmail.com (Ginny)

            Email: drlighthouse@verizon.net  (Ruth)

Finance Team: Dale Knepper, Mark Adams

            Email: daleknepper@gmail.com (Dale)


Facilities Team: Dale Knepper, Zack Dutton

            Email: daleknepper@gmail.com

            Email: zdutton78@gmail.com