YGBC Elders

YGBC is an elder-led church, which means rather than following one man exclusively, our church is led by a team of men.  These men are affirmed as leaders by our church community and offer the sum of their skills and expertise to our mission.

  • charlie humberd- Church Moderator/ missions

    Family: I am married to Mary. We have three children and seven grandchildren.
    Background: I grew up in Spring Grove, PA, through the 9th grade.  My family moved to Martinsburg, PA, until my college graduation. I graduated from Taylor University with a BS in Biology and Secondary Education. I earned my Masters in Secondary Administration from Western Maryland College and did Doctoral studies at Imaculata University. I currently live in Red Lion, PA.

    Hobbies: Reading. Woodworking and furniture refinishing. General DIY home improvement projects.

    Favorite food: Ice cream!  I also enjoy a good ribeye, ribs, wings, pizza.

  • dale knepper- Finances and facilities

    Family: I am married to Ginny and we have one daughter, Karis, and a grandson named Leo.

    Background: I was born and raised in York, PA. I graduated from Geneva College with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Math, and from Grace Seminary with a Certificate in Biblical Studies. Ginny and I were married in 1982, and we lived in Winona Lake, Indiana, and Telford, PA, for a few years before moving back to York, where we currently reside.

    Hobbies: Electronics. Live sound and video. Working on cars, toy trains, restoring old things. Home repairs.

    Favorite Food: BBQ anything!  or pie.  or roast beef. Or…   

  • dave knepper- frist Impressions

    Family: Sue and I have been married since 1983. We have 3 daughters and a son, and have been blessed with 5 grandchildren.

    Background Information: I grew up in the York area, graduated from Geneva College and work as a professional engineer at a local power plant. Sue and I served in Student Ministries for most of our married lives and currently serve in the area of hospitality.

    Hobbies: Spending time with our children and grandchildren. Construction and building projects. Watching the Green Bay Packers. Spending time outside as much as possible. Love working on new projects (usually generated by Sue's to do list).  Serving others. 

    Favorite Food: Trying to eat healthy these days...so lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and trail mix. Ice cream and peanut butter. 

  • micah hecket - Worship

    Family: I have been married to my beautiful wife Sarah since 2009, and we have three little boys.  Judah is 7, Asher is 4, and Corban will be 2 this November.  It is NEVER boring (or quiet) in our home. 

    Background: I grew up in Ohio, about an hour north of Columbus.  My wife and I met each other while attending Grace College in Winona Lake, IN where we both earned degrees in Psychology and Bible Studies (as well as minors in Spanish and Youth Ministry, respectively.) We enjoy leading musical worship together, and living right in the heart of York City. 

    Hobbies: Music (both playing and listening.) Hiking with our kids. Visiting national parks.  Cheering for the Ohio State Buckeyes. 

    Favorite food: Anything Italian, especially pasta!!!


  • bj boosz - Student Ministry and adult discipleship

    Family: My wife Brittney and I have been married since 2013 and we have 2 awesome kids: Brock and Bria.

    Background: I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio and moved to PA in December of 2019. I attended Lancaster Bible College and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Student Ministry and a Masters degree in Leadership Studies. My passion is for students and seeing everyone take the next step in their faith journey..

    Hobbies: Playing with my Kids, Playing sports, Hunting, Building stuff, and lighting things on fire..

    Favorite food: Whatever my wife makes is my favorite ;)

    Email: brandon.boosz@gmail.com 

  • dustin godshall- staff elder

    Family: I am blessed to be married to Kelly, my wonderful wife of 18 years, and we have three amazing children: Ethan, Ava, and Aubryn.

    Background: I grew up in Martinsburg, PA; a town with more cows than people. I attended Grace College and earned a BS in Youth Ministries and Biblical Studies. I currently live in Mount Wolf, PA.

    Hobbies: Motorcycling. Chasing whitetails. But not at the same time.

    Favorite food: You can never go wrong with a good Mexican meal that comes with free chips and salsa.

    Email: dustin@ygbc.net